Take Action

Here’s what you can do to guarantee Constitutional equality based on sex:
  1. Share your story–send a blog post, video, or visual art piece to ratifyera@gmail.com to share why equal rights matter to you.
  2. Tweet and retweet our stories from @ERAmeanstome. Be sure to use the #MyEraMyERA hashtag.
  3. Re-post to your Facebook and ask your friends to tell their stories of why gender equality matters.
  4. Take it as step further: write a letter, call, or meet with your elected representatives to tell them to support the three-state strategy and co-sponsor H.J. Res. 69 in the House of Representatives and S.J. Res. 21 in the Senate, which reintroduces the Equal Rights Amendment into Congress.
  5. Questions? Contact the Alice Paul Collective at ratifyera@gmail.com

Use your Voice

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